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ONLINE BANKING … Virtual Branch and Mobile Money™

Manage your accounts, securely, from anywhere – 24/7!

Virtual Branch/Online Banking

  • Access to your accounts 24 hours a day, seven days a week over a secure internet connection.
  • Transactions are done in real time and are completed as soon as you receive a confirmation.
  • Obtain account balances, loan and transaction information and make account transfers.

Virtual Branch Online Services Include:

Bill Pay
  • Set up and schedule payments
  • View, pay and receive bills all in one location
  • You may receive reminders when bills are due
  • You may pay bills on the go with Mobile Money® and your web-enabled mobile device
  • Access your monthly personal and credit card statements online
  • Retrieve 23 months of account history
  • Export history information to Microsoft Money
  • An "app" that allows you to access Virtual Branch from your iPhone or Android mobile device. (details below)

Login or Enroll.


Mobile Money® is secure mobile access to Virtual Branch from your Android or iPhone mobile device! You will need to be enrolled in Virtual Branch to set up Mobile Money® on your device.

  • View account balances
  • View account transactions
  • Transfer money between accounts
  • Set up account alerts under the "Self Service" tab to receive designated balance alerts via email and text
  • Mobile Deposit®
  • Pay bills and more!
How to Get Started!
  • You need a mobile device that can send and receive text messages and has access to the Internet
  • You need to be enrolled in Virtual Branch. Enroll now.
  • Click on the SELF SERVICE tab in Virtual Branch. Then click on the MOBILE MONEY link
  • Follow the instructions to download and set up the app